Monday, February 26, 2007

For The Birds

I thought about naming my blog "For The Birds" but the idiomatic meaning (as found on google) is objectionable or worthless. Neither negative meaning is correct for birders. Some activities we do are just for the birds and bring us great excitement and joy.

On a trip some years ago, I took hundreds of photos (this was still in the film age) and when the exposures were developed, there were hundreds of pictures of birds, a few pictures of sites and scenery, two of my husband and none of me! (not a ranking of importance) As we say, this trip was just for the birds and more.

I have begun my quest to drive down every road from California...

Photo taken at Bolinas Lagoon, CA on 10/21/2004
for dancing Snowy Egrets

Photo taken at Calipatria/Eddins Rd, CA on 12/10/2002
and White-faced Ibis

Photo taken at Hither Hills SP, NY on 5/11/2004
to New York Island for racing Sanderlings...

Photo taken at Mission Point, MI on 10/14/1998
for popcorn eating Ring-billed Gulls from Michigan...

Photo taken at Aransas NWR, TX on 4/3/2006
and to Texas for preening Roseate Spoonbills

Photo taken at Corpus Christi, TX on 4/10/2006
and for egrets and herons

Photo taken at Bosque del Apache NWR, NM on 3/13/2005
and for Sandhill Cranes at Bosque del Apache, New Mexico and many stops in between.

I have a glass picture with birds that says "Laugh often, Love much, Watch birds". Sometimes it is "For The Birds".

Thursday, February 22, 2007

From My Perch

A new blog from another birder and this one a retired gramma.

I have a thousand thoughts running through my head and I should only say a few today. (Buy a notebook for the others.)

That is what I hope anyway, to share some birding thoughts for many days from my perch, pulpit, soapbox, car, truck, easy chair, knees in the sand, whatever.

I go birding at every vacation spot, or rather, I research the spot (not trips to family which is more precious) so that it becomes a birding trip. My husband and I like to bird in places with few people (many birds) so our most favorite places are national wildlife refuges (NWRs). There I try to take photos of every bird!

Photo taken at Murray Lake, MI on 6/4/1998
I can never resist grabbing the camera whenever I see some ducklings.

Photo taken at Murray Lake, MI on 5/28/1998
(Neither can my husband since he took 4 of these pictures.)

Photo taken at Murray Lake, MI on 7/27/2002
All pictures are of Mallards Anas platyrhynchos families seen in my front yard.

Photo taken at Murray Lake, MI on 6/4/1999
Funny, how the Mallard drake is missing in all these photos! I have seen the father (I think) following behind the family.

Photo taken at Murray Lake, MI on 7/21/2002
The largest family is with 13 ducklings of which about 6 grew to full size. I rate a mama Mallard's mothering skill on how many ducklings survive. I have seen a mama lose all of them. (She couldn't keep them in line.)

Photo taken at Murray Lake, MI on 7/21/2002
From My Perch is my blog to share some words and photos about my fascination with birds.